New Animex Foods combined heat and power plant in Starachowice

The division of Animex Foods in Starachowice officially opened a new, eco-friendly CHP plant, which was built in high-efficiency gas cogeneration technology. This investment will allow for reduction of costs related to the energy factors and, at the same time, for reduction of CO2 emissions.


Animex Foods, is not only the leading producer of meat and processed, but also a leader in changes aimed at sustainable development in the food sector. Our company constantly makes every effort to reduce emissivity of its facilities and products by implementing numbers of innovative projects.


The official opening of the next investment, i.e., the eco-friendly combined heat and power plant of Animex Foods in Starachowice took place on November 15th. The event was attended among others by the marshal of świętokrzyskie voivodeship Andrzej Bętkowski, voivodeship veterinarian Bogdan Konopka, president of Starachowice Marek Materek, member of management of starachowicki county Jerzy Materek, as well as parish priest from Starachowice’s Matki Boskiej Częstochowskiej church, but primarily by the representatives of Smithfield Polska and Animex Foods and employees of the company, including the persons directly involved in construction of the facility.


The new Animex Foods CHP plant in Starachowice is a groundbreaking investment allowing for a complete departure from carbon technology. Completion of this project lasted 2.5 years and included construction of the plant based on the 3 modern gas boilers with economizer systems with a power of 18.6 MWc and high-efficiency cogeneration systems with a total power of 4 MWe. This equals to annual supplies of electricity for 800 households. The energy obtained in this way will correspond to the actual demand of the facility at the level of ca 70%, enabling the company to reduce its dependence on the external power grid and control the use of electricity in a more precise way.


The investment in Starachowice will directly translate into higher energy efficiency of the facility, lower the bills for electricity, and contribute to the reduction of heat production costs. Thanks to the plant the company will increase its involvement in the development of sustainable business and reduce the emission of CO2 by more than 30 thousand tons a year.


Animex Foods invested in the construction of the combined heat and power plant in high-efficiency gas cogeneration technology under the support from Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014 -2020, Priority Axis I: Low Emission Economy, Actions 1.6 Promoting the use of high-efficiency co-generation of heat and power based on useful heat demand, Sub actions 1.6.1 Sources of high-efficiency cogeneration and own resources (

Rzecznik Prasowy Animex Foods
Public and Government Relations Director
Łukasz Dominiak