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We buy
For pig farmers

Being the leader of the domestic meat market, we rely on constant, long-term and mutual cooperation with domestic pig breeders. We offer clear and stable principles of cooperation based on our high and well-established position on the market. In our work, we rely on paying special attention to animal welfare and running our business in accordance with the demanding provisions of national and EU law. We offer our partners favorable financial conditions, long-term cooperation, know-how of our experts in the field of production safety and quality, as well as support in production.

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For poultry farmers

Hundreds of Producers trust our company already. For years, the basis for cooperation with them are contracting agreements and market-based settlements, timely payments, ongoing contacts, and consulting. We also offer solutions for Producers who want to become independent from the constantly changing external factors and to focus just on the breeding, and also for those who would like to modernize their facilities or expand their businesses. In such cases, we support them in obtaining the so-called preliminary contracts. We believe that mutual, partner-like cooperation is the basis for successful business.

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For suppliers

The Animex Group is constantly looking not only for new potential customers, but also for new suppliers and business partners. We form strong bonds with our suppliers. This enables us to provide our customers with high-quality products and reliable delivery planning. In relations with our business partners, we promise to be honest, responsible, and committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility. The standards of conduct which we expect from our business partners are included in The Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

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Suppliers who are interested in cooperation with us can use the Logintrade purchasing platform.

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We sell

Our employees and the highly-appreciated products have earned us the position of the national leader in the industry. Both these elements come together in the context of domestic sales. Thanks to close cooperation with our Partners, we can provide our consumers with constant access to tasty, safe, and high-quality food. We are supporters of balanced meals, which also include nutrients coming from meat. Therefore it is so important to offer our consumers the top quality products manufactured under the watchful eye of those who are the best in their trade.

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More than 60 countries on 6 continents – this is what our export looks like in a nutshell. Thanks to local, high-quality, tasty, and safe products offered by our experienced team of foreign sales, we are the proud domestic leader in exports. Animex, being a producer of excellent foods, is part of the global business, and our products are an important element of promoting Poland abroad.

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Constant and mutual cooperation
We cooperate with Polish farmers under stable contracts and provide our services by qualified and experienced staff.
Timeliness and advice
As the national leader in the industry, we base our cooperation with farmers on mutual respect and stability. We help our partners in many aspects of their businesses.
We export Polish food
We produce tasty and safe Polish food which is the product of choice by consumers in Poland and abroad.
A transparent partner
In all our activities, we rely on transparent and clear principles of cooperation. We aim to implement every joint project in accordance with good practice principles.

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