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For many years, the company has been a leader in exporting meat to foreign markets, remaining the undisputed industry leader. Animex Foods is also the largest employer in the meat industry. It has 11 meat processing plants and a feather processing plant. They are all located across Poland. In May 2019, the purchase of two meat processing plants located in Kutno (K1 and K2), and K4 - the largest slaughterhouse in Poland, was finalized. It is the largest and the most modern facility in Poland in terms of slaughtering pigs and cutting pork. Furthermore, in the very same year, a newly built poultry slaughterhouse and cutting plant was opened in Daszyna off Kutno, which is also one of the largest and most modern plants in its sector.

In 1999, Smithfield Foods Inc. became the strategic investor in Animex. Thanks to the relationship with the investor which has achieved successes with the brands such as Smithfield, Farmland, Armor, John Morrell, and Gwaltney, Animex can tap into the experience and know-how innovations and can develop its brands both in Poland and on international markets. Since 2013, Smithfield Foods and Animex Foods have been part of the WH Group - the largest pork producer in the world. Together, we care about food safety and its top quality.

The policy of Animex Foods is based on taking care of all aspects of the company's operations, while ensuring the safety and certainty of the fresh produce which comes from the highest quality resources. Pigs are mainly obtained from the sister company Agri Plus, which is the largest producer of pigs in Poland. We buy the rest of the animals from carefully selected breeders from all over Poland.

The policy of Animex Foods is based on permanent development and focuses on several key areas of operation: natural environment, quality and safety of the food produced, animal welfare, employee safety, helping local communities, and creating added value for the company and its surroundings.

We cooperate with the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) and other universities in Poland. This cooperation enables sharing knowledge and experience, and gives students the possibility to gain new qualifications backed by a wide range of practical skills in the field of nutrition, and in the field of meat and processed products in particular.

Our management

Rafał Korus

President of the Board

Katarzyna Kasprzak

Member of the Board, Chief Financial Officer

Renata Kopania

Member of the Board, Sales and Marketing Managing Director

Sylwia Ryszczuk

Member of the Board, White Meat Group Director

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