Different people.
Different skills.

One common goal.

During the recruitment processes, we carefully consider each application and make every effort to best assess the competences of the future employee. All this to offer you a workplace where you can feel comfortable and focus on what you do best.

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Join our team and help us develop Animex in Poland and in the world.
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Different departments, one tight-knit team. It's high time you joined us!
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Recruitment process

The recruitment process in our company is about careful consideration of every application which reaches us.
Publication of job advertisements
Analysis of applications
Job interview
Closing of recruitment

Why us?

To our employees, we offer training and development programmes which enable their progress on career paths. Read about our sample benefits.

Development within the company's structures

Development within the company's structures

Financial bonuses

Our employees can obtain monthly performance bonuses and quarterly bonuses for no absenteeism.

Smithfield Foundation Scholarship Program

We provide assistance to talented school and university students of our employees who achieve high academic results.

Numerous certified trainings

We support employees and enable them to participate in training courses and obtain various qualifications which positively affect their development and motivation.

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Our locations

You can find us all over Poland. You are sure to find a convenient location which will become your future workplace.

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