Zestawienie znaków: Fundusze Europejskie, Barwy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, Unia Europejska


It has always been a matter of taste…

Since always, Krakus has been attaching great importance to manufacturing products in accordance with the principles of the sausage craft, using selected, best meats, properly balanced spice mixtures, and with meticulously refined parboiling and smoking times so that the right taste is always arrived at. It is the unique taste that is behind the success of the Krakus brand. The taste which combines tradition with modernity, courage with the respect for the rules, and expressiveness with delicacy. Because of this, Krakus products proudly enjoy a special place on Polish tables. And it makes us very happy.

The brand’s portfolio includes crispy and juicy hams, aromatic smoked meats, expressive dry sausages, classic kabanos sausages, and many more.

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