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We appreciate talented and ambitious persons who are willing to learn, develop, and take up challenges.
Regardless of the stage of your career, you can afford more by joining the team of passionate people working in the largest FMCG company in Poland.
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An internship, that is the first step to a career

Within a few years of starting an internship with us, thanks to our well-designed development activities, you have a chance to become a high-class expert or manager.

If you are ready to take on real business tasks, want to work with well-known and popular brands, and if you are a student in your graduation year or you completed your studies no more than 2 years ago, our internship program is something just for you.

You have an opportunity to take up a challenge which ultimately can lead you to the position of e.g. Chief Technologist, Logistics Manager, Sales Director, Managing Director, and many other.

You can gain your experience in any of our locations and in any of our departments.

Are you interested in taking up an internship in a location other than your current place of residence? Just tell us about it and together we will consider how we can help you relocate.

Each year, we organize several dozen paid internships across all departments and plants which belong to our company. For every intern, we develop a development path which provides them with knowledge necessary for a further career in Animex. Every intern who is positively assessed at the end of the internship program is offered a possibility of further cooperation.

The facts speak for themselves
71% of those who started as interns at Animex, later became our employees.
(this is the data from the last 4 years).
The facts speak for themselves
We have 20 different departments and 13 locations in which internships can be undertaken.
The facts speak for themselves
We cooperate with universities and schools throughout the country.

Production plants are the heart of our business

Thanks to your work, hundreds of thousands of consumers can receive safe food every day. Our production is both about modernity and tradition linked to the highest quality of manufactured products. Working with us, you become part of this culture and part of a knowledgeable and passionate team.

Your development path may develop towards becoming an expert or top-level manager. Thanks to proprietary skills development programs and the support from trainers, you see a clear path for a likely promotion ahead of you.

The facts speak for themselves
8,000 employees from production plants are covered by the improvement of professional skills programme.
The facts speak for themselves
We offer employment in each of our 13 locations.
The facts speak for themselves
None of our employees have lost their job because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We produce and sell

Do you feel at ease with targets, margins, volumes, EBITs and trade negotiations? Are you always hungry for more success with sales? With us, you can pursue your ambitions in such areas as e.g. Modern Sales Department, Traditional Sales Department, Exports, Food Service, and Discount Stores.

When you work with us, you work with brands which are well-known and highly popular with clients and consumers. And you are backed by the support of logistics and stable production.

Depending on the position, you can carry out your work fully in the field or combine it with working from the office. Remember, your place of residence does not limit you – we can find a space for you in one of our locations. With us, you have a chance to exchange experiences and learn from the best in the industry.

Depending on your aspirations and potential, your development path may focus on building and strengthening your sales competences or develop in the direction of a managerial position in charge of sales teams.

The facts speak for themselves
We are a manufacturer of leading brands which are highly valued by consumers (Berlinki, Krakus, Morliny).
The facts speak for themselves
Our brands are number 1 in the most important product categories.
The facts speak for themselves
We ensure development for the employees of the Sales Department thanks to managerial and commercial training courses.
Other professionals

Otwarci na ambitnych

Regardless of whether you are passionate about data analysis, people development, finances, or maybe your dream is IT, with us you will find a place for yourself. Our team consists of passionate experts and managers.

In our culture, we share knowledge. We focus on enabling development through experience and joint implementation of challenging projects. You have an opportunity to share experience on a local, national, and international scale. We draw on the best corporate solutions, but we also create solutions which are local. We take responsibility for ambitious projects. It takes willingness, enthusiasm, initiative, and competences to become a leader.

The facts speak for themselves
Possibility to find employment, develop your career in one of our 13 locations.
The facts speak for themselves
Over 340 internal promotions across the entire group (the data for 2020).
The facts speak for themselves
The largest food producer in Poland in terms of turnover.
The facts speak for themselves
Almost 8 billion turnover in 2020.

Available benefits

To our employees, we offer training and development programmes which enable their progress on career paths. Read about our sample benefits.

Development within the company's structures

We give our employees the opportunity to be promoted both vertically and horizontally, and to acquire additional skills.


We award prizes for outstanding employee achievements.

Smithfield Foundation Scholarship Program

We provide assistance to talented school and university students of our employees who achieve high academic results.

Numerous certified trainings

We support employees and enable them to participate in training courses and obtain various qualifications which positively affect their development and motivation.

Job offers

Join our team and help us develop Animex in Poland and in the world.
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