Are you looking for a job where you can develop your competences in a friendly atmosphere? Do you want to be part of a tight-knit team in which everyone works towards a joint success? Are you open to receiving training courses and participating in development programmes with experts? Join us today! We can do more, if we work together!

Different people.
Different skills.

One common goal.

In our recruitment processes, we meticulously consider every application and make every effort to best assess the competences of our future employees. All this to offer you a workplace where you can feel at ease and can focus on what you are best at.

If we happen not to conduct a recruitment which might interest you, you can send your application to one of our locations or use the contact form. We will be pleased to get to know you better.

Recruitment stages

Join our team and help us develop Animex in Poland and in the world.
Publication of job advertisements
Analysis of applications
Job interview
Closing of recruitment
Publication of job advertisements

Our advertisements always contain a detailed job description, our expectations from the candidate, and information about what we offer in a given position. You can find recruitment advertisements on the job offers website and on national and local internet portals.

If at any point of time we happen not to conduct a recruitment process which might interest you, you can send us a spontaneous application using the contact form or leave your application documents in one of our locations.

Please read the job advertisements carefully and make sure you understand them
To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, we recommend that you carefully analyze the advertisement. Familiarize yourself with our expectations and confront them with your skills, education, and experience.
What if you haven't found an offer for yourself?
If none of the advertisements relates to your qualifications - not all is lost!
Send us your CV. And who knows, maybe quite soon we will be looking just for you.
Analysis of applications

It is the stage when we analyze the received application documents to check whether your professional experience matches our requirements as specified in the job advertisement. Your application will be first assessed by a specialist from the HR department. Then, after verification, selected CVs will be sent to the supervisor who conducts recruitment to a given department.

Consent to the processing of your personal data
Our recruitment process must be lawful. Therefore, as per the current regulations, when applying spontaneously please remember to include the clause on the processing of your personal data.
CV - all things start with it
A well-written CV is a very important step in looking for a job. CV is a place where you can present your skills and experience. Remember that it should be to the point, legible, and aesthetic. Make sure to include your contact details. When submitting your CV, remember about the clause on the processing of your personal data.
Job interview

For the job interviews, we invite selected persons whose knowledge, experience and skills meet the expectations for a given position. Depending on the position you are applying for, you may be invited for one or more interviews. Interviews are conducted by a person from the HR department and your future supervisor. During the interview we want to get to know you better, find out more about your motivation, past experiences and future career plans.

Depending on the position you are applying for, we may invite you to additional stages of the recruitment process:
– competence and personality tests,
– tasks to examine your computer skills, technical tests, etc.

Before the interview, review the content of the job offer
Remember the content of the job advertisement to which you applied, and read information about us - we want to be sure that you apply with us consciously.
Ask when in doubt
If you have any doubts or questions during the recruitment process, don't be afraid to ask.
Closing of recruitment

It is the stage when we decide about the preferred candidate and contact him/her to confirm the terms of employment and the next steps in the process. We consider the recruitment process closed when the selected candidate starts work. We send feedback to candidates who took part in the job interviews.

Think of the job interview as of a new experience
Even if we do not choose you to work with us, treat participation in every recruitment process as a valuable experience.
Say 'yes' to future recruitments
It is worth agreeing to participate in future recruitments - if not now, maybe in the future we will have a position tailored to your profile.

See available benefits

To our employees, we offer training and development programmes which enable their progress on career paths. Read about our sample benefits.

Development within the company's structures

We want to constantly raise the level of professionalism of our employees. This is why we design processes which offer them the possibility of vertical and horizontal promotions and the opportunity to gain extra skills.


We award prizes for outstanding employee achievements.

Smithfield Foundation Scholarship Program

We fund scholarships for talented children of our employees with high academic results.

Numerous training courses

Our employees take part in internal and external trainings which raise their competences and positively affect their development and motivation.

Job offers

Join our team and help us develop Animex in Poland and in the world.
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