Animex Foods once again provides support for hospital in Łęczyca

The division of Animex Foods in Daszyna engaged in the purchase and installation of air conditioners in key rooms of the ZOZ in Łęczyca. Thanks to this action, patients can now use the medical service in comfortable conditions.


While supporting local communities, Animex Foods never forgets the people who need it most. Performing the Sustainable Development Goals, the company shares the produced food, supports education of children and young people, cares for the environment, but also engages in initiatives aimed at protection of health of the inhabitants.

The facility Animex K3 in Daszyna once again supported the Healthcare Facility in Łęczyca. Thanks to the company’s financial aid, air conditioners were purchased and installed in key rooms of the hospital. Four state-of-the-art devices found their place in the Endoscopy Laboratory, recovery room, cardiac intensive care room “R” in the 2. Internal Department and server room. Each of those rooms, where medical help is provided, is located on the south side of the building, which causes them to heat up significantly due to high sunlight. The purchased equipment will allow for lowering of the temperature and obtaining appropriate thermal conditions, which is particularly important in case of suffering and ill-health patients, as well as affect the comfort of work for hospital personnel.

„Without the financial support from Animex, purchase of the air conditioners for our hospital would not have been possible. Thanks to this invaluable help not only our patients, but also medical staff, will have appropriate conditions in the upcoming summer season. We are glad to have a neighbor who cares so much about the local community and supports us once again!”- says Łukasz Michalak, Director of the hospital in Łęczyca.

It is worth recalling that Animex Foods supported the hospital in Łęczyca also in the most difficult times, i.e. during the pandemic, about which you can learn more here: Animex Foods wspiera zakup sprzętu dla szpitala w Łęczycy – Animex

Rzecznik Prasowy Animex Foods
Public and Government Relations Director
Łukasz Dominiak