Zestawienie znaków: Fundusze Europejskie, Barwy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, Unia Europejska


Founding of Animex

Our strength comes from the know-how and practices which have been shaped for over 70 years.


Founding of Krakus brand

The “Polish Ham” produced in Poland under the Krakus brand quickly became a showcase of Poland products overseas. From the very beginning, Krakus has been very popular in Poland and the U.S.


Registration of the Morliny brand in Poland

Morliny is the favourite brand of Poles, which is their preferred product due to a wide range of sausages (including for barbecuing), and other meat products. Morliny are much-liked by consumers and regularly win awards for their top quality.


Animex goes public

On June 29, 1995, Animex shares were admitted by the Securities Commission to public trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


Smithfield Foods acquires Animex shares

We joined the Smithfield Foods family! Thanks to the support of our partners and sharing experience, we can further develop the brand and strengthen the position as the national leader in the meat industry.


Establishment of the Agri Plus company which develops the raw material base

Thanks to the cooperation with our partners from Agri Plus, we are able to guarantee the stability of the full production chain, in line with the idea of „from farm to fork”.


Registration of the Berlinki brand in Poland

For many years, it has been the star of Polish meals. We are constantly looking for new solutions and flavour combinations so that everyone can find a good offer for themselves.


Smithfield Foods and Animex become part of the WH Group

Animex continues to develop – in 2013, together with Smithfield Foods, we joined the global family of WH Group, the world leader in the pork industry.


Acquisition of 3 plants in Kutno and commissioning of a poultry plant in the commune of Daszyna

We successfully completed the acquisition and construction of a total of 4 facilities in and around Kutno. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to provide our consumers with an uninterrupted access to high quality, tasty, and safe products from Animex.

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