Together for the environment

Animex is the largest meat company with 13 production facilities, 3 of which are located in Kutno. The company received official thanks from representatives of Kutno Starost Office for conscious support of the local community with particular emphasis on the environmental matters.

When planning the development, Animex thoroughly, and on a long-term basis, analyses the challenges awaiting not only the business, but also the entire world. As a responsible company, it consciously manages its environmental impact through a number of pro-environmental activities and support of local communities.

In September the company once again actively joined the organization of educational activities addressed to children and teenagers from Kutno poviat connected with World Clean-up Day. This event was accompanied by a series of attractions and competitions whose leading theme was the natural environment and its protection. Apart from joint cleaning of the woods, representatives of Animex engaged children and youth in water monitoring project. During the event the company also provided Berlinkowóz, which assured nutritious snacks for young ecologists.

The main organizer of the event – Starost Office from  Kutno – appreciated the active attitude and involvement of Animex and submitted official thanks for all the initiatives for residents of Kutno poviat undertaken by the company.

I am very pleased that the Starost Office in Kutno recognizes Animex as a good Neighbor and appreciates our activities aimed at supporting local community and care for the natural environment in which we jointly exist. We treat these thanks as a distinction and recognition of our efforts and performed projects – said Łukasz Dominiak, Public and Government Relations Director of Animex Foods.

In the recent years, Animex group has made many changes in care for the natural environment. In the years 2014-2020 the company e.g. reduced the use of water by 13%, lowered the emissions of CO2 by 49% and reduced the use of energy by 16%, for which it received the “White Certificates” with a total value of 850 TOE from the Energy Regulatory Office.

Rzecznik Prasowy Animex Foods
Public and Government Relations Director
Łukasz Dominiak