Smithfield Polska selected the “Business ethics leader”

Smithfield Polska, Animex Foods and Agri Plus received the title of “Business ethics leader” under the competition “Sustainable Economy Diamonds”. The award was granted by a broad competition jury formed by the leaders of business, science and economy.

The “Sustainable Economy Diamonds” is a competition organized by Executive Club, whose aim is to distinguish companies and entrepreneurs who implement investments in accordance with the highest environmental, social and ethical standards. Results are announced during a festive gala accompanying the Sustainable Economy Summit conference, which takes place once a year and has reached the status of one of the most important events in Poland dedicated to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

The companies Smithfield Polska, Animex Foods and Agri Plus as the leaders of food and agricultural industry obtained the award in the “Sustainable Economy Diamonds” competition. The title of “Business ethics leader” was granted for the entity that distinguishes itself with high business and moral standards, with particular consideration of the righteousness and honesty, and sets an example for its co-workers, customers and business partners”. It is worth mentioning that last year the Smithfield Polska group was the laureate of the competition in category “Leader of social responsibility”.

“We are honored to have received the award of the “Business ethics leader”. Ethical conduct is in fact one of the pillars of our sustainable development strategy. Winning the 1st place in this category would not have been possible if it was not for the highest ethical standards of our Employees in every day relations with the customers, co-workers, investors and local communities” – says Łukasz Dominiak, Public and Government Relations Director in Smithfield Polska.

Smithfield Polska Group in its every day operations does not only base on declarations, but also had implemented the entire compliance management system functioning in different departments. Under this system the company has started a so called ethics hotline, i.e. anonymous phone or email address, on which one can report the violation of Smithfield Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and on which all notifications are kept confidential.

To counteract inappropriate practices and assure ethical cooperation with suppliers of goods and services, a Code of Conduct for Suppliers of Smithfield Group and Supplier Verification Procedure was implemented in in all three companies. The organization is also a member of Sedex, under which all its production facilities are registered and by which the entire group is obligated to accept the SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Best Practice Guidance) standard.

It is worth highlighting that Smithfield Polska, Animex Foods and Agri Plus apart from the won category of “Business ethics leader” had also been nominated to the close group of finalists of the competition as the “Leader of Social Responsibility”.

Rzecznik Prasowy Animex Foods
Public and Government Relations Director
Łukasz Dominiak