Smithfield Polska chosen the best employer of the agricultural & food industry

Smithfield Polska Group, Animex Foods and Agri Plus, received an award during the Złota Setka Polskiego Rolnictwa competition of the weekly “Wprost”. The company won the award in category Best Employer of the Agricultural & Food Industry.

The Gala of Złota Setka Polskiego Rolnictwa has been organized by the weekly „Wprost” for six years. The ranking presents the leading companies from agricultural & food industry which are doing best on the competitive market, in a reality abundant with unexpected events and crisis.

This year’s gala took place on December 5th in Warsaw under the patronage of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Henryk Kowalczyk. The awards for the companies from the agricultural & food sector were traditionally granted in different areas, to include e.g. in such categories as responsible business, best employer, largest exporter and innovations.

Smithfield Polska Group, i.e. Animex Foods and Agri Plus, were awarded in the category Best Employer. It is worth mentioning that in the previous years the companies also received a number of awards under the competitions organized by the weekly “Wprost”, among others to include winning two years in a row, i.e. in 2021 and 2022 in the ranking of the 50 best employers.

“Today, not only the economic outcomes, but also care for natural environment, local communities and employees are the key factors affecting business decisions. As a responsible participant of the market, Smithfield Polska strives for active participation in those changes, among others through performance of the sustainable development goals in three main areas: business, environment, people – said Łukasz Dominiak, the spokesman of Smithfield Polska, while collecting the award.

Receiving the award for the actions in 2022 was a special ennoblement for all companies due to the lasting for some time economic crisis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and military aggression on Ukraine started in February this year. Those events put the entire economy, to include Polish agriculture and agricultural & food sector, on full alert, which concentrates on ensuring food safety in the country.


Rzecznik Prasowy Animex Foods
Public and Government Relations Director
Łukasz Dominiak