Joint training of Animex Foods and local Fire Brigade units

The division K3 of Animex Foods in Daszyna, together with the District Office of the State Fire Brigade in Łęczyca, carried out trial trainings of firefighting and evacuation action. The initiative was aimed at increasing the awareness about potential risks present in production facilities and providing employee safety. The training was participated by eleven Fire Brigade units.

Animex Foods – as a responsible employer – treats the safety of its employees as highest priority. The goal of this joint initiative was to make the employees aware of the necessity to prepare for efficient leaving of the facility in case of an emergency, and to confirm that they have appropriate skills and knowledge to efficiently handle the situation in the event of risk.

Under the jointly prepared action, employees of Animex Foods and units of the State and Voluntary Fire Brigade, took an active part in series of simulated emergency situations. The activities included improving the way of moving in facilities in the event of fire and providing first aid to the evacuated persons. An important part was also development of the reaction skill of the person managing the rescue action to sudden changes, organizing tactics, but also correct preparation of the information from an incident including fire. The fire fighters additionally verified the points for water collection, which is of key importance in the event of extinguishing a fire in this type of facilities.

The cooperation of Animex Foods with local units of the Fire Brigade shows that both the employers and emergency services are involved in creating a safe environment for the employees and local community. Evacuations are a key element of the safety policies, and the trainings allow everyone to test their effectiveness. Thanks to the involvement of local services, Animex Foods can be sure that its employees are prepared for a possible emergency and their reaction may be fast and efficient.

Rzecznik Prasowy Animex Foods
Public and Government Relations Director
Łukasz Dominiak