Animex Foods partnered Village Head Day in Kutno district

In Oporów castle, on March 11, Village Head Day was celebrated. And Animex Foods, as the largest employer in Kutno district, supporting local communities al all times, partnered the event.


Village Head Day is a traditional holiday celebrated on March 11, which popularity, especially in rural communities, has grown significantly over the recent years. The event is to express gratitude and respect to village leaders for their work and to highlight their special role in the Polish countryside.

The event dedicated to the leaders of the villages of Kutno district had a very festive character and was organized at the castle in Oporow. Polish parliamentarians, representatives of provincial, district and municipal authorities were invited to the celebrations. At the venue all guests could taste regional dishes prepared by rural housewives’ circles, enjoy folk bands performances and listen to  Mateusz Mijal concert.

The main partner of the Day, was Animex Foods, which has three production facilities in Kutno district. The company has for years been the largest employer in the region and has been involved in numerous campaigns to support local communities.

“First and foremost, while operating in Kutno district, we want to be seen as a good neighbor. Our priority, synergised with village leaders’s concept, is to initiate various activities for region’s residents, who, at least some of them, happen to be employees of  Animex Foods. This cooperation with village heads and the Kutno district authorities has a long and stable history,” says Łukasz Dominiak, Animex Foods’ Public and Government Relations Director.

During the event, we have recognized proactivity and ecology demonstrated by the villages. In this category, the village of Dąbrowice III in the Dąbrowice municipality won first prize for introducing photovoltaic installations, household sewage treatment plants and also replacing street lamps with energy-efficient ones. For Animex, this is a particularly important and close-to-heart aspect, as care for the environment is one of the pillars of the company’s sustainable development policy. We constantly implement measures to reduce water, electricity and gas consumption, as well as closed-loop economy solutions.

Naturally, to highlight the event, Animex Foods prepared small but finest-meat-products gifts for the guests.


Rzecznik Prasowy Animex Foods
Public and Government Relations Director
Łukasz Dominiak