Animex awarded for equal pay for women and men

The division of Animex Foods in Iława received the award in the third edition of the “Lidl Fair Pay” competition. The ranking was jointly conducted by Lidl Polska, UN Global Compact Network Poland and Korn Ferry, based on the results of research on situation on the labor market in Poland.

The competition “Lidl Fair Pay” has been organized since 2019 and is aimed at rewarding large businesses that in their day-to-day practices promote equal pay for women and men and create gender equality favorable workplaces. The ranking was conducted based on the research on wage gap
and share of women in the management and management teams. Data of 13 000 working people was analyzed, out of whom 51% constituted women. The results showed that they constitute 54% of the management and almost 34% of the management teams.

Jury of the competition assessed the companies based on the analysis of the salary data in 4 key categories: wage competitiveness in the organization compared to the nationwide market, actual differences in salaries between women and men in a given organization, percentage share of women in all managerial positions and percentage share of women in director positions.

Under the competition “Lidl Fair Pay”, division of Animex in Iława stood on the podium and received third place as the company everyday promoting equal pay for women and men and creating workplaces favoring gender equality. The award from the jury collected: Sylwia Ryszczuk – Member of the Management Board of Animex and White Meat Group Director, and Michał Teofilak – Managing Director of Animex in Iława.

“Animex makes every effort to have its employment structure and pay equal irrespective of sex, age or origin of the employees. Among all persons employed in the company, 49% are women and 51% are men. It is worth noting that just in the Management of the Animex group, in which I have the pleasure to be a member, we have as many as 75% of women” – said Sylwia Ryszczuk White Meat Group Director of Animex.

The company pays a lot of attention to good quality of internal education and carries out cyclical employee opinion surveys aimed at raising employee satisfaction and commitment and activating people to undertake actions related to introducing changes in own workplace.

 “Animex, employer for almost 11 000 people on various positions in many locations in Poland, operates in multiway to be a trustworthy, largest employer in the agricultural and food sector. The award for our facility in Iława proves that the HR policy applied for years is just and fair towards all employees” – added Michał Teofilak, Managing Director of Animex in Iława.

It is worth mentioning that last year’s prize winner of the “Lidl Fair Pay” competition was Animex’s facility in Suwałki.


Rzecznik Prasowy Animex Foods
Public and Government Relations Director
Łukasz Dominiak