Animex supports St. Nicholas Day in Łódź

On December 3rd, 2022, Animex took an active part in a traditional St. Nicholas Day celebration organized by Fundacja Integracja JP II for the disabled children, children from socially excluded families and children of refugees from Ukraine. As a partner of the action, our company provided own products for the gift boxes and also food
in form of hot-dogs with the loved by children Berlinki for several thousand participants.

St. Nicholas Day celebration, as every year, was organized by father Piotr Turek, chairman of Fundacja Integracja JP II, who has been striving for integration of children from various backgrounds for years by organizing events aimed at helping the minors with disabilities, from the poorest families in łódzkie voivodeship. This year this group was joined by children of the Ukrainian refugees.

“The opportunity to participate in St. Nicholas Day in Łódź organized by father Piotr Turek is a great honor for us. Animex, as one of the largest companies and employers operating in the area of Łódź, makes every effort to support local communities – stressed the spokesman for Animex, Łukasz Dominiak.


As the partner of the event, Animex delivered its products for gift boxes for 5 thousand children. Under a joint action, Animex products were also provided to the students from Łódź gastronomy school who prepared snacks from them for the crowds of visitors. The presence  of Berlinkowóz truck allowed all the participants also to eat hot-dogs.


“The St. Nicholas event in Atlas Arena was accompanied by a number of positive emotions and  tears of happiness. There is nothing more beautiful than a smile on faces of our youngest consumers who are also our neighbors. Animex employs among others residents of łódzkie voivodeship and the company has four production facilities in Kutno and Łęczyca county. We treat the participation in the life of local communities as a priority and count on a possibility of joining this kind of celebrations regularly – added the spokesman.


The culminating point of St. Nicholas Day event was a concert in which the star was Sara Egwu-James, winner of the 4th edition of “The Voice Kids” and finalist of the American talent show “America’s Got Talent”. The event was participated by the representatives of local and regional authorities.

Rzecznik Prasowy Animex Foods
Public and Government Relations Director
Łukasz Dominiak