Animex Foods supports the purchase of equipment for the hospital in Łęczyca

Financial support of Animex Foods allowed Healthcare Centre in Łęczyca to purchase two Airvo 2 devices supporting the treatment of patients suffering from respiratory failure, so common with COVID-19 infection. That was possible thanks to close cooperation of Animex Foods with “Dobry Szpital” foundation statutorily supporting the hospital and its patients. – The purchase of devices is not only a mere financial aid but it is a clear signal from the contributors to all medical personnel that we do see their efforts and struggles and we appreciate it – emphasizes Krzysztof Kołodziejski, the Director of the Healthcare Center in Łęczyca. – We are proud to be part of this action helping  facility in Łęczyca. We all understand the importance of support provided to medical facilities in our region – says Grzegorz Warejko, Managing Director of Animex Foods K3. The Airvo 2 device uses a built-in flow generator and ultrasonic oxygen sensor designed for nasal high-flow therapy and depending on the patient’s needs, the equipment can deliver up to 100% oxygen. – Local social responsibility is not only about financial or product support, but it is also about listening attentively to the needs of local communities – emphasizes Łukasz Dominiak, Public and Government Relations Director of Animex Foods. – Each day of the epidemic stands for enormous work, dedication and risk for healthcare professionals. Fortunately, they are not alone in this fight, thanks to people with big hearts who support their daily effort as much as possible – adds Małgorzata Raczkiewicz, President of Dobry Szpital foundation. Due to the transformation of Kutno Self-Government Hospital into a single-name unit treating SARS-CoV-2 positive patients, the Healthcare Center in Łęczyca is able to provide assistance to residents of both districts Łęczyca and Kutno.

Rzecznik Prasowy Animex Foods
Public and Government Relations Director
Łukasz Dominiak