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Animex is the undisputed market-leader for meat products in Poland. Over a period of more than 60 years, the company has become the largest domestic exporter of meat, and owner of leading brands of meat and meat products. In addition to the globally-popular Krakus ham, delicious cold cuts and canned meats, we also produce fresh pork and poultry: turkey, chicken and goose.

With 11 factories located across Poland (including eight meat processing plants, two feed mills and a feather processing plant), Animex is the largest meat industry employer in the country. Since 1999 the company has been owned by Smithfield Foods Capital Group, the largest pork processor in the world. Smithfield Foods, with annual sales of over $13 billion, is the name behind many well-known brands, including Smithfield, Farmland, Armour, John Morrell and Gwaltney.  Having an industry investor creates opportunities to share knowledge, experience and information about the world markets. Being the part of this global group secures support for our presence in many parts of the world and guarantees continuous development through innovative thinking and investments in both the state-of-the-art technologies and machinery or equipment.

Animex’s operations are based on the fundamental principle of vertical integration – ’from farm to fork’ – which ensures safety of product and traceability through continuous supply of top-quality materials. The raw material is mainly sourced from our sister company, Agri Plus, the largest swine breeder in Poland, from which we purchase 1.5 million pigs a year. The remaining number of livestock is purchased from hundreds of breeders in Poland, based on long-standing mutually-beneficial agreements.

Animex has an established program of sustainable development, focusing on the most crucial areas of operation: natural environment, quality and safety of food, wellbeing of animals, safety of workers and aiding local communities.

Animex began cooperation with Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The Agreement opens up the opportunity for both parties to develop extensive cooperation in the field of research and the exchange of information, experience and expert opinions on food with the particular emphasis on animal products, i.e. meat and processed meat. The Agreement offers the opportunity for students of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences to secure a placement or professional training and to gain practical knowledge supported with extensive experience and hands-on expertise.